The Ready Advantage

Sustainability is at the heart of the Ready Building System. Our structures are made of light gauge steel and CAF (Compressed Agricultural Fiber) panels made from wheat or rice straw, a renewable natural resource that is an agricultural waste by-product of farming. Our pre-engineered steel and CAF panel system offers many environmental benefits, including:

  • The Ready building system saves 100 trees for every 1,000 square feet of floor space built.
  • CAF panels require only four percent of the energy needed to produce the same amount of standard gypsum drywall.
  • When used for temporary purposes, the panels are easily recycled or mulched. 
  • Pre-engineered structures greatly reduce jobsite waste.
  • CAF panels contain virtually zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), resulting in better air quality compared to other building methods.

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While Ready’s hardened shell products can be used for temporary shelters, the steel and panel components are ideal for permanent structures. Our building systems offer the advantages of quality engineering and the unique characteristics of CAF panels. Our structures are:

  • Termite, rodent, and mold/mildew resistant.
  • Able to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 150mph/225kmh when properly anchored.
  • Highly fire resistant.
  • Designed and braced to limit damage from earthquakes compared to most conventional building methods.
  • Thick CAF panels provide structural strength and are ideal for projects requiring acoustic applications.

Ready Corporation offers systems ranging from small, personal shelters to full sized administrative offices. Each unit type offers an array of options including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical rough in. As a pre-engineered building system, flexibility is central to our products:

  • Each suggested configuration is scalable in 8-foot increments.
  • Units can be pre-positioned for assembly as needed.
  • Weathered-in shells can be assembled in as few as 60 man hours, reducing labor time and money.
  • Assembly uses standard hand tools, making construction fast and safe.
  • Each unit offers multiple floor plans and layouts.

At Ready Corporation we believe that price is only one component of our system’s value. By using high quality materials in a pre-engineered system, Ready strives to be the most efficient and reliable building system on the market. Other systems simply cannot match the Ready advantage in “lifecycle costs”. Because our structures save time on assembly, require little maintenance, and are easily recycled, Ready products are more cost effective over the life of the building. The value of the Ready building system lies in the exceptional qualities of our products - sustainability, durability, flexibility - offered at competitive price.

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