Sustainable Military Housing

At Ready Corporation we understand that the military, as well as government contractors, require quickly assembled and durable shelters.  ReadyShelter answers the growing need for multi-purpose field-assembled structures that are competitively priced.   As part of FEMA’s Alternative Housing Program, ReadyShelter provides pre-engineered steel and CAF panel building systems that are ideal for military base camps. 
ReadyShelter’s hardened units are designed for barracks but can be easily modified for use as mess halls, field hospitals, training rooms, disaster/humanitarian response, temporary/permanent housing, worldwide recovery operations, utility storage, and more.
Multiple floor plans are available.  Standard dimensions are 20x24 for 16 occupants, 24x32 for 20 occupants, and 24x36 for 24 occupants. 
Safe, Simple and Straightforward:
  • No construction – quickly and safely assembled using only small tools in less than 200 man-hours
  • Pre-cut and flat packaged, and easily transported 
  • Longer shelf-life than competing products
  • Multiple foundation systems that can be adapted including concrete slab, concrete plinth, timber/steel, and above ground stilt construction 
Durable Green Structures: 
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Climate controlled, energy efficient, and thermal resistant
  • Superior air quality (low VOC emissions)
  • Superior acoustics, silencing outside noise 
  • Spacious units, offering greater protection from extreme weather conditions
  • Fire, termite, rodent and mold/mildew resistant
See Why Ready for more product details and advantages.
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  • Steel and panel framing system (1) (768 sq ft)
  • 2 doors and 4 windows


  • Steel floor framing can be built on any foundation
  • Concrete board, elastomeric paint or other siding
  • Insulation
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Cabinet and countertops package
  • Interior finishes
  • 4 interior doors, frames and hinges (24x32 structure)
  • Floor coverings
  • Interior finishes

(1) Includes, base track, wall studs, top track, ceiling rafters, ridge beam, metal roof, fasteners, wall and ceiling panels.