The global housing shortage is a very real crisis: the United Nations estimates that approximately 1.6 billion people around he world live in substandard housing, a number that will only rise with population growth. For developed and developing economies alike, the challenge is to build cost-effective housing without expending precious natural resources.

The ReadyHome building system is an exciting new solution for this problem. Made of light-gauge steel and compressed agricultural fiber (CAF) panels, ReadyHome is one of the lowest carbon footprint building systems on the market. CAF panels make ReadyHome fire, termite, and mold resistant. As a pre-engineered system, ReadyHome is quickly and safely site-assembled using only conventional hand tools. The fast construction time means minimal labor costs for each home. Our weathered-in shell is designed to be earthquake and hurricane resistant.

ReadyHomes can be easily shipped as multiple units in standard ISO shipping containers, and are ideal for large-scale housing developments. Download our information sheets to learn how Ready Corporation has developed housing solutions for Haiti and Ghana.