Compressed Wheat or Rice Straw Panels - Strong and Recyclable

ReadyShelter is helping rebuild Haiti

Ready has a leading entry in the BBBC Housing Expo

Ready Corporation Worldwide built this ReadyHome in Accra, Ghana

ReadyShelter is a Safe and Durable Green Structure

ReadyShelter: recognized as part of FEMA's Alternative Housing Program

Sustainable Building Systems

Ready Corporation is committed to being the world’s leading supplier of sustainable building systems utilizing light-gauge steel and compressed agricultural fiber (CAF) panels.  Our pre-engineered systems are ideal for a wide range of construction applications and are easily adaptable to fit the needs of a particular project.

CAF panels are a revolutionary alternative to standard building materials.  Our panels are structurally sound yet are made of 100% natural and recyclable content.  CAF is made from renewable wheat or rice straw and requires only 4% of the energy needed to make a comparable amount of drywall, giving it a much lower carbon footprint than other materials.  CAF panels have outstanding acoustical properties and are ideal for projects requiring noise reduction.  Contact us to learn more about how Ready building systems can meet your construction needs.

Flexible Building Systems

Ready Corporation’s building systems are pre-engineered to maximize operational flexibility. Whether you need ten thousand homes or interior wall partitions, our building systems are easily adjustable and scalable.

Sustainable Housing & Agriculture

CAF panels are made using agricultural byproducts that would otherwise be burned and create more pollution. Using these byproducts creates an important additional revenue stream for farmers.

Simplest. Smartest. Safest.

By pre-engineering our systems, Ready Corporation offers value that standard construction can’t match. Our buildings are assembled quickly and safely using only basic hand tools while minimizing jobsite waste.

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